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Best Cisco Training Institute in India – The Public Mag

Cisco and its certifications have been ruling the networking industry from its origin. Networking has always been an evolving industry where new technology replaces the old to keep enterprise networks up and running.   

A huge majority of enterprises use Cisco infrastructure products as they offer end-to-end solutions, supports small, and medium-sized business, and are reliable, simple, secure, and future-ready.   

Moreover, Cisco keeps pace with all the latest technology changes and holds its certifications current so, that professionals with skills to work on Cisco products are more marketable and more in demand.   

So, we can say these prestigious Cisco certifications are the foundation upon which IT professionals have their careers built.    

Now the best way for freshers/professionals to have these certification credentials under their belt is by bypassing Cisco certification exams. Cisco offers 3 levels of its certification – Associate, Professional, and Expert which include tracks to fulfill the learning demands of a wide range of aspiring candidates.   

But the question is, which certification and its training can land Freshers/professionals with an intimate and latest understanding of network infrastructure and protocols? And how they can always remain relevant to the industry with their training?   

For this, let's discuss the best Cisco Certifications for Freshers/Professionals in deep.   

Best Cisco Certification for Freshers   

CCNA 200-301:

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is the associate-level certification by Cisco and its exam costs 300 USD + Taxes (varies from country to country).   

This certification training is best for freshers because it’s the one certification that offers knowledge of the latest networking technologies, programmability, security, and automation from scratch.

After the CCNA certification training, you can expect a fresher to create and maintain a robust network infrastructure that needs constant monitoring.   

Also, with CCNA certification in your hands, you validate your extensive knowledge of the subject and start your networking journey as a skilled professional than those without any certifications.   

Best Cisco Certification for Professionals

CCNA DevNet:

Like CCNA, CCNA DevNet (DEVASC 200-901) also doesn't have any formal prerequisites to appear in the global examination, but foundational networking and python skills are recommended for the training.   

With CCNA DevNet training network engineer can expand their skill base and learn automation and software development. Not just Network Engineers, developers looking to expand their expertise in DevOps and automation can also go for this training.   

Talking about what you will learn in this training, then it’s the training to learn,    

implementation of basic network applications using Cisco platforms as a base,    

Implementation of automation workflows across network, security, collaboration, and computing infrastructure.    

Also, this training offers hands-on experience solving real-world problems using Cisco APIs and modern development tools.   

Note: Since Network Engineers aren’t well versed with Python or any other programming language, getting along with CCNA DevNet training can be tough for them. So, an institute like PyNet Labs has customized their course content of DEVASC training and has added Basics of Python for Network Engineers to it. Joining PyNet Labs’ Python for Network Engineers + CCNA DevNet training makes it easier for networking professionals to prepare for the CCNA DevNet certification exam without any prior programming skills.  

CCNP DevNet – Core (DEVCOR 350-901):

After CCNA DevNet, DEVCOR is the best Cisco certification for Network Engineers to take.  

As the name suggests, DEVCOR is the core exam for becoming a Cisco Certified DevNet Professional. Its duration is 120 minutes, and the main area of focus is proficiency in developing and designing software using standard Cisco platforms and APIs.   

DEVCOR training also evaluates the knowledge in the deployment of applications, and security along with the concepts of infrastructure and automation. The cost of giving the exam is USD 400 + Applicable Taxes (which varies from country to country). Passing the certification exam hands you a specialist badge and it will be valid for 3 years from the date of passing the exam.    

CCNP Enterprise – Core (ENCOR 350-401): 

After the Cisco certification updates, the most in-demand track of all Routing and Switching is now renamed Enterprise. And the aspiring candidates have only two exams to pass to become certified CCNP Enterprise I.e, ENCOR 350-401 – the core exam and anyone exam of choice from the concentration exam options.  

There are many benefits of ENCOR training and certification like, 

You become eligible for CCNP Enterprise, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam, and the CCIE Enterprise wireless exam.  

You earn a Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core Certification.  

You validate your skills to configure, troubleshoot, and manage enterprise wired and wireless networks.  

This certification holds a huge career opportunity for networking professionals seeking professional-level certification in the Enterprise track and they must start their certification journey with it.  

CCNP Enterprise (ENARSI 300-410):

The concentration exam of each track focuses on emerging and industry-specific topics. So does the concentration exam of an enterprise track and one of them is ENARSI, offering skills to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot an enterprise network. Also known as the study of advanced routing and infrastructure technologies.  

If you have ENCOR Certification under your belt, then ENARSI training should be your next step. This will not only offer you a specialist badge but a CCNP Certification in the Enterprise track.  

CCNP Enterprise (ENSDWI 300-415) | Cisco SD-WAN:

To achieve high levels of productivity, and business agility and decrease IT costs, companies these days are using Cisco SD-WAN (earlier known as Viptela) technology.   

So, ENSDWI 300-415 is not just a concentration exam under the enterprise track, but a study of a technology that helps enterprises move from traditional WAN to SD-WAN.  

These certification benefits are beyond achieving a specialist badge or recognition. It’s the need of an hour and helps network engineers stay relevant to their skills as it’s the skill that the industry demands.  

Network Engineers being SD-WAN trained or Cisco SD-WAN certified professionals can help enterprises to reach their network automation goal.  

So, SD-WAN certification is the best Cisco certification for network engineers from where they can start their journey of becoming in-demand network professionals.  

PyNet Labs fairly understands the importance of learning Cisco SD-WAN for Network Engineers and offers unlimited lab access to its Cisco SD-WAN training.  

CCNP Data Center (DC ACI 300-620)

Since with every Professional-level exam aspiring candidates now earn a specialist certification it becomes easier for them to showcase their skills in the areas that matter to them, from Enterprise to DevNet and everything between.  

One such certification is DCACI where IT professionals validate their skills to deploy and manage the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches in Cisco ACI mode.  

ACI has completely changed the landscape of networking. That's why people in the networking field are expected to be well versed with this technology.  

After taking Cisco ACI training, networking professionals will learn,  

  • How to make important updates quickly to reduce downtime and prevent the organization from overspending on its operating budget.
  • Detecting common issues on their own in real-time.
  • Understanding the Network Design
  • Mastering Cloud-Based Computing Implementation  

Since ACI training has so much to offer there has been a steady rise in the number of courses about learning ACI.   

But to proceed with DC ACI training, candidates must be familiar with Cisco Nexus Switches, their platforms, architecture, software, management, and features.  

So, PyNet Labs customized the Cisco DC ACI certification course curriculum and added DCINX training to it along with making it available with unlimited lab access.  

With these Cisco certifications, Network Professionals/freshers can keep their networking careers in check. But to crack a Cisco certification exam, you must learn from the best.   

Do you know the best Cisco certification training institute in India?  

Let's find the answer together!  

If you are looking for an institute that offers the above Cisco certification training and much more to its students within the training fee, then keep reading.  

Steps to find the best Cisco Training Institute in India

All the networking training institutes claim themselves to be the best in the market. But it depends on students how they figure out which one is the best for them depending on the criteria they set for their training requirements.   

And when we talk about setting up criteria here are a few points that you must not forget and make sure that the training institute you choose is offering the same. So, here are a few suggestions,    

Certified and Experienced Trainers:

Before enrolling with any training institute, ask for the trainer’s profile.  

Your trainer under whom you are about to train yourself must be certified or hold more than one Cisco certification under his/her belt. Also, he/she must have years of training experience and should be well versed in the subject.  

Only such a trainer can give you the best training and help your best during lab training because there is so much to learn. He will share not only his experience but also his approach to tackling problems in the production manner. This is extremely important which many students avoid and regret later. So, make sure of it.  

Learning Infrastructure:

Whether you enroll for online or offline training, the training provider must be having infrastructure that fulfills your training need.   

Ask for hands-on lab training with unlimited learning hours. Do not fall for huge infrastructure.  

Must follow the official Cisco course curriculum: 

When you are preparing for the Cisco certification exam and your training institute doesn't follow the official course curriculum then your training is worthless.  

Always ask for the course curriculum before undergoing the enrolling process.  

Flexible Schedule:

80% of aspiring networking training candidates are IT professionals who undergo training along with their full-time job responsibilities. Your training institute must have flexible timing which matches your time.  

It doesn't matter if you are taking online or offline training, both are the same even online training is popular as it allows professionals to learn along with their jobs.  

Demo Class: 

Take a demo class before enrolling. A demo session can help you with understanding whether you will be able to understand the trainers’ speech or not. Then, you can also take feedback from the current students and then decide for yourself.  

Training benefits: 

We are living in a digitizing world where recorded training and private learning channels on a social platform aren’t a myth. Make sure of it, your institute offers you lifetime access to recorded classes so you can learn, relearn, slowly learn at your own pace, and don’t have to undergo the same training in the future just for a quick brush up.  

The same goes with lifetime access to the private learning channels so you can stay in touch with your peers as well as your trainer for having quick solutions to your doubts/queries.  

 If your institute offers you all the above-mentioned facilities then you are in good hands and had made an excellent investment for yourself. Follow the steps, these are tried and tested tips, and believe it will save a lot of your time.  

If you are open to suggestions then do consider PyNet Labs for the Cisco Certifications training.  

With PyNet Labs you can all the certification training in one place with key capabilities of the best Cisco training institute in India.  

The expert trainer at PyNet Labs has more than 10+ years of industrial experience and holds various certifications such as CCNA 200-301, ENSDWI 300-415, ENCOR 350-401, and more.   

PyNet Labs offers unlimited lab access to students for most of their training programs so students can practice the practical concepts according to their comfort. Also, benefits like demo classes, lifetime access to daily training recordings, and private learning groups are made available so that aspirants can have the most from their training.  

With PyNet Lab learners will have the freedom to complete their training from the comfort of their home as they offer online training that any working professional can access. All you need is an Internet connection and a laptop to learn the latest and trending networking skills and advance your career in the right direction.

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